Mobile App

Intro & Scope

SkillWallet’s mobile app is a membership tool for online communities.

On the technical level, the mobile app is necessary to access our products – allowing users to join an online community, and interact with Web3 decentralized technology, simply by scanning a QR-code.

The mobile app brings a more personal feeling to the user and a real feeling of ownership of their SkillWallet. In the app, the user can see all the details about their SkillWallet - metadata, the community they've joined, commitment level, skills, roles, and badges.

The user can also sign transactions using their SW by scanning a QR code in a secure and UX-friendly way. See also OSM.

Tech Design

When the user installs the SkillWallet app on their device, a key-value pair is generated. After creating a SkillWallet from the web app of the partner or from DistributedTown, the user is prompted to download the SW app and activate their SW. For activating the SW they need to scan a QR code, with tokenID and unique nonce encoded there. The public key gets associated with this tokenID and after that, the signature gets validated.

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