With SkillWallet Discord Bot (πŸ€–) tasks can be shared and completed directly on your DAO's Discord Server, integrating our Discord bot - and making it a bridge between Web2 and Web3 (i.e.: voting for DAO proposals on-chain, using Discord reactions πŸŽ‰ )

It takes literally a minute, and it even ties your Discord Server's Roles, with the Roles of your SkillWallet Community on-chain! Here are all the instructions that you'll ever need:

Setup Discord Bot

  1. Install the Discord bot on your server! Click here!

  2. Write a message /setup {partner_key} where you put your own partner key. This will link your discord server to your SkillWallet community!

  3. Use /help to see what else can you do with the SkillWallet Bot.

Setup Discord WebHook

  1. Open your Discord Server

  2. Right-click on the channel that you'd like to receive the messages for newly created tasks

  3. Select Edit Channel

  4. Go to Integrations

  5. Click on Create Webhook and give it a name

  6. Click on Copy Webhook URL

  7. Go to your Dashboard -> Integrations & Contracts -> Integrate on Discord. Paste your URL and click Add & Sign.

Connect SkillWallet ID to your Discord ID

  1. Write /connect-sw in a server with an already set up SW Discord Bot.

  2. Follow the link

  3. Authorize with Discord

  4. Connect your Metamask with the account that owns your SkillWallet ID

  5. You'll be prompted to sign a transaction to connect Discord ID to your SkillWallet ID.

  6. Congrats!! πŸŽ‰ You have connected your discord ID to your SkillWallet ID and now you'll be able to vote for polls and receive Interactions for that!

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