Events Factory

The Event Factory is where the Coordination Game starts. Not only you create Tasks that already exist on-chain, and keep track of any taker's participation and contribution - but the Tasks themselves can be shared, joined, and often completed, directly on Discord, using our Bot!

(3) Events Factory:

Community managers can create 3 types of Tasks that live directly on-chain. They are assigned specifically to one of the Roles in the community, and either a varying number, or all the community members in that role. The 3 types are:

  • Open Task: a specific task, that can be about anything community-related;

  • Community Calls: Partner can create a Blockchain event for a Discord call, and assign it to a specific role, or all members of the community;

  • Polls & Proposals: Governance done directly on Discord, with Emojis - and reflected on-chain πŸ™‚

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