Partners Agreement is necessary to integrate SkillWallet's decentralized authentication system.

  1. It lets customize your DAO, adding:

    • Name

    • Logo

    • Description

    • Market

2. It lets customize the Roles (2 or 3) in your Community. These will be the same Roles that your Community Members will be able to select from at the time of the onboarding.

By signing the Partners Agreement, SkillWallet deploys two contracts to manage the community - one for membership and one for the interaction rules.

Pro Tip (1) πŸ’‘ Use the Description to give a unique touch to your DAO. Web3 Communities are made of people, and people believe in a vision, in a common goal, in a honest story - not in corporative messages. Be genuine, and your community will come πŸ™Œ

Pro Tip (2) πŸ’‘

Give some thought to the Roles you customize. They are the Roles and Skills that your Community/Project/Protocol/DAO/DApp needs in order to grow. Be clear and upfront: a clear plan has more chances to attract the right talent!

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