The Identity-lego

Just like DeFi, DAOs use the concept of “composability” as well. Composability allows new applications and use-cases to be built using a shared, common stack — and each component is used as a “lego,” complementary with the others.

In DeFi, though, we have a sort of “money-lego” — made possible by the fact that the financial aspect (“the money”) is the underlying unifier of Decentralized Finance as a whole. In DAOs, we don’t have such a thing.

As relevant as the financial side certainly is in DAOs, they’re a coordination engine at heart. And their “core unit” is the members that are part of them — as well as the unique contribution and skills that each individual member has to offer to the whole.

For this reason, they need a permanent Identifier allowing users and participants to the Web3 space to obtain permanence and persistence of data representing their experience, communities, skills, and contributions.

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