Vision & Values

Since the beginning, SkillWallet was designed around three main values:

  1. Higher personal freedom to individuals.

People should Own their own Identity.

This Identity should be permissionless — and you shouldn’t need to know someone or be “let in” by someone to join a Community. Also, it should be Non-Transferable — so that Individuals are responsible for their Identity, participation, and Reputation coming out of the combination of both. In one sentence: your SkillWallet is the most valuable, untradable asset you will ever own.

2. Increased coordination between participants.

DAOs can be much more than “DeFi treasuries.”

Participants involved in the same project or Community should coordinate with each other based on an underlying vision, a common goal, a shared plan. And to do so, they need to create and complete tasks that bring the project forward and are directly reflected on the Blockchain.

3. A universal unit to measure the value of everyone’s contribution.

DAOs are social constructs.

To function in the real world, they need to reflect the real world — therefore, they need to be self-sustainable as a business. As each individual SkillWallet is minted in association to an existing DAO/Web3 Community contract, each member’s contribution to a Community is recorded, measurable, and associated to a real person (with a pseudonym and an avatar, instead of a random 0x… address).

In turn, this allows fair and meritocratic distribution of value (financial and social alike). Based on math, rather than sympathy, popularity, or plutocratic powers.

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