Tasks & Interactions




Tasks can be created from the Olympics DAO Dashboard by the core team members. Those tasks can be one of the following:

  1. Task

  2. Participate in a poll

  3. Join Community Call


The first one is managed entirely from the dashboard. A core team member can create a task and associate a role with it. Once created, the SkillWallet discord bot publishes a message in the discord server, so that more people can see it. Members with the specified role can take the task. After they complete the task, they submit it for review. After the creator verifies that the work has been done, they finalize it. Once a task is finalized the taker's interactions index increases by 1.

Tasks states are described with a simple state machine

How do normal users get tasks? // Community page?


A poll is created by the core team members from the Dashboard. After a poll is being created, it's being published by the SkillWallet discord bot as a message.

When creating a poll, the core team member selects a role relevant to the poll and expiration time.

Once the expiration date and time for the poll are hit, the discord bot counts the votes, publishes a message with the results of the poll. It calls the Events Smart Contract to store the results and increases the interaction indexers of all the participants with the relevant role.

Community Calls

A community call is created by core team members from the dashboard. After it's created, the discord bot publishes a message on the server. In the time window between the start time and end time for the call, the discord bot stores statistics for the voice channel in the discord server. It tracks who joined, if they were deaf, muted or sharing their screen. Depending on those statistics the Discord Bot increases the interactions indexer for all members with relevant role.

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