​Membership & Security


In order to join a community, SkillWallet users need to add:

  • Nickname

  • Avatar

  • Chosen Role in the Community


This information is fully pseudonymous and added directly on the Community website – not through our Mobile App.

No additional personal data is required at any point.


In security perspective, SkillWallet increases safety within an online community in two different ways:

1. Each Member ID comes as a non-transferable NFT – that makes it unique, ensuring data persistence (on the blockchain), and immutability. Also, by being non-transferable, this ensures that each member will have an intrinsic incentive in collaborating with other members of the community – instead of speculative purposes (i.e.: selling the NFT, as in fact the NFT ID cannot be sold or traded)

2. At the time of claiming a Community Membership, users will scan a QR-Code. This ties each individual ID to a mobile device – limiting risks such as a flooding and sybil-attacks.

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