It wouldn't be your Flight Deck if you didn't have the possibility to do more with it - to actually fly this thing, and make it a cozy and personable environment for your Community Members. The Integration & Contracts Manager lets you expand your DAO with additional, decentralized tools that we built specifically for your Community Life to prosper and take its own shape.

(2) Manage Integrations & Contracts:

(A) Adjust/change URL to which the Web Component is attached. This is where your DAO lives, choose wisely πŸ‘΄ (and read through our Web Component)

(B) Add/remove smart contracts to track interactions with. These are the Contracts that your Community members will be calling, signing and interacting with on a daily basis. Choose the most relevant ones, and add some notes / a nickname to them to see which ones are more valuable for your members.

(C) integrate Discord Bot to manage tasks & community activities from Discord.

Create Tasks and let your community contribute - directly on Discord!

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