How it looks like

Here's the first SkillWallet ever in existence - with metadata including both text & visuals:

This is Jabyl's SkillWallet.

SkillWallets are a new standard for self-sovereign Identities that do not depend from the provider, therefore, they are universal.

They are individual NFT IDs. This one is Jabyl's.

A SkillWallet cannot be bought - it can only be acquired by joining a decentralized, permissionless Community that lives on the Blockchain.

Each SkillWallet is unique, and based on someone's Skills, rather than exploiting their personal data.

Also, it's non-transferable, so everyone's experience and skills are truly theirs - and keeps track of each contribution they make in the communities they're part of, rewarding them for their participation.

SkillWallet is the first Identity you can truly own. This is Jabyl's, and there are no others like this.

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