Playground and Beta Testing

The app is currently open for beta testing. The app is deployed on The contracts there are deployed on Mumbai for cost effective testing.


  1. Android phone

  2. Mumbai network on your Metamask

  3. Positive attitude πŸŽ‰

How to join?

In order to join our beta testing, please write a DM to migrenaa#4690 or jabyl#0183. They will assign you a beta tester role, and that'll give you access to the beta testing channel.

Test Auth System

On currently, you can create your partners' community and get the access key needed for integrating the web component as a decentralized authentication system. You can do that by clicking on Integrate button and following the community creation flow and SkillWallet creation.

After you get the access key, you can install and run the npm package with the web component -

You can find instructions on the npmjs page.

Create SkillWallet

You can test creating a SkillWallet by clicking on Connect Wallet => Create New User. Follow the steps, and have the android app prepared. After the NFT is minted, a QR code is generated, scan it with the mobile app.


Nobody from the SkillWallet team is going to ask you for any kind of secret/private keys.

Nobody from SkillWallet will ever DM you, unless previously agreed on.

Keep in mind the roles in the server - the SkillWallet team members have assigned "Team" role.

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